“Ksylini Kardia (Wooden Heart)” focuses primarily on the various ways the oud has been used in the Aegean over the years, and begins with strictly instrumental (mostly original) material.

These instrumental pieces fall under what is considered the Ottoman classical tradition, with some stylistic accents that combine traditional and contemporary sounds.

The traditional songs which follow complete the collection by reminding us that the oud is first and foremost a folk instrument, used to accompany and reinforce the voice.

Combined, these songs form a more complete picture of the oud in the Aegean across time and several musical styles.

Release Date: June, 2008

Mavrothi T Kontanis Music

“Sto Kafesli Sokaki” is comprised completely of traditional Greek and Turkish vocal songs of the early 1900’s, and brings together 16 rare pieces originally performed by some of the most recognizable names of the time, including Antonios Dhiamantidis (Dalgas), Roza Eskenazi, Rita Abadzi, and others.

These songs reveal the strong ties cities such as Athens and Istanbul shared and allow us to peak into the emotions and struggles that were experienced from day to day.

For each of the songs, Mavrothi and his fellow musicians did their utmost to preserve the spirit and unique arrangements of the original recordings, which are very lovely and often delicate.

Release Date: June, 2008

Mavrothi T Kontanis Music

Music & Lyrics by Mavrothi Kontanis

String Arrangements by Megan Gould

Evolved Beats by Shane Shanahan

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Treehouse Sound by Frank Marra

“Dancing in my Dreams” Recorded & Mixed at Theory One Productions by Paul Klimson

Co-Produced by Mavrothi Kontanis, Frank Marra & Paul Klimson

Album Artwork & Design by Megan Gould

Released on April 26, 2013